Prepping Your Body Skincare for Spring: Introducing Radiant Glam Shimmering Body Oil

Radiant Glam on tan and silk side 3000@300dpi
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Here at Aloette, Spring means just one thing: better-looking skin! Whether you dare to bare when those delightful spring temps hit, or if you prefer to keep your silky skin all to yourself, our new Radiant Glam Shimmering Body Oil will give you the full-body glow you’ve been waiting for all winter long.

Radiant Glam Shimmering Body Oil is a must-have for your Skinimalist routine, and not just because it gives your skin that can’t-stop-touching-it silkiness. Read on to find out how Aloette’s glamorous skin care newcomer can conjure up that fairy-tale shimmer for your skin!

What is Radiant Glam Shimmering Body Oil?

This moisturizing body oil uses the skin softening power of Olive Fruit Oil and Squalane to naturally soothe and condition your skin for that dewy soft texture. Luxe and indulgent Radiant Glam Shimmering Body Oil helps brighten the look of skin, promoting a radiant-looking glow that will have your skin more than ready for those spring soirees right around the corner.

What Gives Radiant Glam Shimmering Body Oil its Glow?

Like all of our skin-fabulous Aloette products, Radiant Glam Shimmering Body Oil works because of carefully-selected, clean ingredients that you can feel good about putting on your skin. Radiant Glam Shimmering Body Oil is formulated with:

Vitamin E: Found in cannola and olive oil, products with Vitamin E can give your skin a moisturizing boost to help you keep that healthy looking glow going.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is found in sunny citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, so it’s no surprise that it can help brighten the appearance of skin. The skin on our arms and legs needs brightening just as much as the skin on our faces, and that’s where Radiant Glam Shimmering Body Oil comes in!

Olive Fruit Oil: Every day activity, from environmental stressors to skin dryness, can steal your skin’s shine. The olive fruit oil in Radiant Glam Shimmering Body Oil soothes and conditions skin to create that dewy soft texture—picture the way moisture clings to those spring flowers at dawn, but for your skin.

How to Use Radiant Glam Shimmering Body Oil

Shake well and apply to your skin any time you crave that moisturizing shimmer glow. Reapply as often as you like and keep the shimmer sparkling! Perfect for your skin type, whether you tend to be oily, dry, or in-between.

Even More Radiance for Your Best Spring Skin

Want to keep the hydration coming for your skin all spring? Try these moisturizing favorites to complete your routine:

  1. Leaf Relief | This soothing, farm-to-jar Aloe Vera gel is infused with premium CBD from American grown hemp to relieve dry, itchy skin once and for all. Like Radiant Glow Shimmering Body Oil, Leaf Relief is great for all skin types and works fast to lock in moisture and help give skin relief.
  2. Gold Rush Crème to Oil Hydration Treatment | Want to improve the look of wrinkled or sagging skin? This intensely hydrating Gold Rush Crème is densely packed with an advanced botanical and tripeptide blend that provides moisture for all skin types without leaving you feeling greasy. Massage it into your skin after cleansing and toning, then follow with a moisturizer for that golden glow look.
  3. Luminous Tint Prep and Primer Oil | The micro-pearls in this primer help to color correct, giving you that camera-ready finish. But adding a drop to your favorite makeup foundation doesn’t just even out your look—it also moisturizes and soothes with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. With the added hydration and pore-refining look of Luminous Tint Prep and Primer Oil, you’ll be the one saying, “Let’s take a selfie!”
  4. Liquid Lip Shine | Your lips are parched, and they’ll thank you kindly for the hydration boost of our Aloette Liquid Lip Shine. A plumping peptide combines with Vitamin E for deep moisture and an alluring look, alone or as a gloss over your go-to lip color.
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