What is ‘Skinimalism’? How to Love Your Skin Through a Simple Skincare Routine

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The concept of minimalism, a stripped-back lifestyle focused on simplicity and efficacy, has truly taken root within the past couple of years—especially as we’ve spent more time at home with our cluttered bathroom sinks and ever-shrinking closets. Known for its mantra of “Less Is More,” this idea of cutting out the unnecessary has since extended to skin care, resulting in the currently trending movement known as ‘skinimalism’.

So, what is ‘skinimalism’? At its core, this philosophy of skincare is all about embracing your natural skin. While this can look different for everyone (think: shortening your skincare routine, using gentler skincare formulas or switching to lightweight makeup,) the main goal is to help you pamper and love the skin you’re in.

Ready to treat your complexion with kindness? Here are 5 tips from Aloette to help get you started along your ‘skinimalism’ skincare journey.

  1. Quality over quantity

There’s not just *one* method or routine to follow for healthy-looking skin. While some of us love to be pampered with an extensive skincare routine, it’s not strictly necessary in order for our skin to look radiant and bright.

It’s time to go back to the basics. ‘Skinimalism’ encourages you to get the most out of each step of your skincare routine. For example, one multitasking serum might be more balanced than three individual serum products. Your solely hydrating moisturizer could also be age-defying, or double as an SPF.

Whatever you decide, be intentional with what you put on your skin. After all, consistent application of just a few skincare products will help your complexion more than the off-and-on application of many.

  1. Go for the natural look

Gone are the days when we were expected to have “perfect skin” and a face of full-coverage makeup every day. By being more intentional with your skin care and using products that really benefit the skin, you may not feel the need to cover up as much with makeup.

Now, of course, if you love going all-out with your makeup because it makes you happy, then keep on doing you! ‘Skinimalism’ focuses on embracing the natural beauty of your skin (and all its freckles) whether you’re fresh-faced or glammed up.

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  1. Take weekend breaks from makeup

Skinimalism is all about understanding which beauty practices are staples in your daily regimen, and which places in your routine could benefit from scaling back. While some days might call for full-on glam, others days might suffice with a toned down look.

If makeup is what you prefer to wear to work, try using the weekend as a time to take breaks from using so many products. Just as you need the weekend to rest and unwind, so does your skin!

  1. Make the most of your mirror time

Your morning getting-ready routine might be some of the only minutes you have to yourself all day. Build yourself up with positive self-talk—whether it be a few affirmation statements, a daily goal you hope to achieve or a helpful piece of advice you’ve received.

By grounding yourself in the present moment, you’re able to treat yourself more kindly and give yourself more grace throughout the day.

  1. Try a new skincare technique

Just because ‘skinimalism’ encourages us to reduce the amount of skincare we use, it doesn’t mean we can’t get creative with how we apply it! Give yourself a facial massage as you cleanse. Use a facial roller to help increase serum absorption, or double your gentle exfoliator as a mask treatment.

Exploring new ways to make use of the skincare products you already have is a great way to infuse fun and excitement into your minimalist skincare routine. Each new skincare practice shows you just how *much* “less” can be.

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