At Aloette Cosmetics providing corrective Farm to Jar™ skincare and makeup is only half of what we do. The best thing we offer is the opportunity to create a career that works around your lifestyle.

The roles and responsibilities of an Aloette Beauty Consultant include:

  • Establish and promote your online store
  • Actively sell Aloette skincare and beauty through your online store, one-on-one engagement and social media marketing
  • Market your personal business by connecting your social networks to your online store, where you consistenly showcase our product offerings and promotions

Benefits of being a Beauty Consultant with Aloette Cosmetics include:

  • Online training 24/7
  • Work around your schedule
  • Sales commission and product discounts
  • Rewards and recognition through from local sales meetings and keynote international events
  • The chance to travel for free to exotic locations
  • Promotional track through the management program
  • A fabulous team to guide you along the way

We are looking for Beauty Consultants all across the US and Canada. To learn more complete our sign-up form or purchase your Starter Kit now!

DTC Associate Manager

Direct to Corporate is a unique opportunity that allows for entrepreneurial independence with accelerated earning potential. This position requires setting the bar high for your yourself and your team. You are expected to excel in the areas of branding, marketing, sales and recruiting strategies. This position requires self-motivation and drive to reach goals, as you will not have a direct sponsor/upline. You will be responsible to seek out resources that drive you and your business growth. The ideal DTC candidate must openly represent our values of honesty and integrity in regard to our people, products and customers. A clean, professional reputation is imperative, and the potential for business growth is exponential. This position exists to elevate the brand, grow the business and present a duplicatable public persona that attracts others and empowers them to succeed.


  • Strategic thinker
  • Driven by goals
  • Transparent and duplicatable
  • Lead by example, invest in others
  • Respect boundaries and be enterprising
  • Growth mindset
  • Know your purpose and your why
  • Live authentically, celebrate your uniqueness as well as other’s
  • Accountable to leadership
  • Open to coaching


  • Align with and promote corporate compliance and brand standards
  • Take initiative in your own learning and development
  • Meet personal product sales goals
  • Develop a high performing team that will grow the business deep and wide
  • Attract top talent to the company
  • Lead to elevate your team with development, training and coaching
  • Actively build your social media brand and elevate your social media presence
  • Show up as a supportive and enthusiastic peer leader
  • Attend conferences and team meetings in person and web meetings
  • Represent the brand with authentic and compliant communications (language, images, claims)
  • Invest in your business