Celebrate International Women’s Day with Aloette Leading Ladies

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Here at Aloette, we run on girl power. Hard-working women are the center of everything we do, which is why we want to thank all of the dedicated women who work passionately and tirelessly to make our clean, innovative beauty dreams come true—today and everyday!

And to help us celebrate International Women’s Day, we want to get you on a first name basis with some of the ladies of Aloette by shining a spotlight on their passion, career, family and journey with Aloette:

Natalie Girard

“Hi! I’m Natalie from Quebec, Canada! Mom of 2 girls, married for 20 years, an Aloette consultant for 25 years and a franchise owner for 20 years! I love my family and my Aloette family! I love life and believe that you truly can do and be anything you set your mind to. I am passionate about inspiring women gain confidence and live their best life!”

Bethany Owens


“Aloette has been the perfect fit through so many stages of my life. I love that I can have my business and be a mom, and have a career!”

Jacqueline Groen

Hi I’m Jacqueline! I’m from Smithville Ontario and I am a stay at home mom to Dane and Reanne. I’ve been with Aloette for 17 years and last month broke all my records! I did 19 virtual shows and earned the Level 2 for the cash incentives”

Megan Northup

Hi! I’m Megan! Currently in San Diego, originally from Kansas. I’ve been with Aloette for a month. My full-time day job is an OBGYN in the military

Mélanie Kistabish

“I am 46 years old and I am from Pikogan in Abitibi. I live in a beautiful indigenous community and I am blessed to speak my native language! I teach at my community school where there are 103 students.  I returned to Aloette earlier in February!”

Victoria Clermont-Brennan

“Hey Ya’ll! I’m Victoria from Brooklyn, NY. I’ve been with Aloette since January and I am over the moon for the products and the opportunity! I’m a full time ER nurse!”

Loretta Bates

“Beauty begins when you choose to be yourself” I started Aloette less then a year ago and it has allowed me the to work it into to my own business and share the amazing beauty opportunity with others. Empowering women to feel great and be the best they can be is my goal. I know the best is yet to come!”

Empowered women empower women.

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