How to Achieve the Ultimate Lash Look (No Falsies Here!)

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If the mask madness of the year past has brought us anything, it is a newfound appreciation for eye makeup. Back in the day, my beauty bag staple was a glossy lip or bright red pout, but nowadays, I tend to opt for a fresh face and lengthy lashes (for obvious reasons).

It is no wonder lash lifts and eyebrow tints have quickly gained traction in the beauty world, with influencers and consumers alike doing anything they can to lengthen, strengthen and volumize their appearance. But, if you want to achieve the ultimate lash look without the help of falsies or extensions, Aloette is here to help!

Keep on reading to discover must-have products, plus application tips, to help you define those lashes and make eyes pop—even with a face mask:

Apply a Hydrating Lash Serum

It’s easy to see why lash enhancements and falsies are on the rage, but if you truly want lashes that flutter, you need to start at the root. Using a lash serum to coat the eyelashes in hydrating and conditioning ingredients—like peptides and plant extracts—is an easy way to help boost both strength and length. Just like a face serum works below the skin, lash serums work to help enhance the look of eyelashes over time while preventing fallout. Just remember, consistency is a must!

Try: Luscious + Luxe Lash Enhancing Serum | Formulated with an innovative peptide complex, this oil-free lash serum is clinically proven to help lashes appear thicker, longer and stronger in as little as 4 weeks.

Multi-Task with Your Mascara

Get the best of both worlds with a jet-black mascara that doubles as “lashcare”. We all know mascara is one of the quickest methods to up your lash game in a hurry, so why not add a stroke of color and conditioning ingredients in the same swipe? Multi-tasking mascaras come in many forms, but they typically include a 2-in-1 formula that is infused with nourishing minerals and oils to help hydrate the lashes and prevent breakage. This also makes an infused mascara a must-have for any girl on-the-go, as it helps color and condition the eyelashes for extra length and curl.

Try: A-List Lash Curling Mascara with Argan Oil | Infused with Argan Oil, this A-List Lash Curling Mascara helps condition lashes while coating them in a clump-free formula that curls and defines.

Mind Your Makeup Application

The truth is you can stock up on all the makeup products your wallet can afford, but if you aren’t using them properly, you probably won’t see results. If fuller-looking lashes is what your eyes desire, then you might need to double check your makeup application. While it can be tempting to add a single swipe of mascara (especially on the days the snooze button calls your name), applying multiple coats in multiple directions is the key. Always remember to swipe the top of your lashes, then use the brush to stroke the lashes in towards the nose, out towards the hairline and then straight up! This ensure the lashes are completely coated. You can also use a liquid eyeliner or pencil eyeliner to tight-line your water line for a fuller-looking lash effect.

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