What Exactly is Your Skin’s Microbiome and Why Is It So Important?

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Talking about your skin’s equilibrium and natural flora might not sound like the most indulgent topic, but it is vital to understanding the health of your complexion. Microbiome is a word we’ve started to hear floating around a lot lately, especially in the skincare community. And while peaked interest in our skin’s natural balance is always a good thing, it can leave some people scratching their head.

If you’re one of those people, Aloette is here to help! So, let’s dive deep into the science of your skin and why is so important to help keep your complexion balanced with these quick facts about your skin and it’s microbiome:

What Is Your Microbiome?

Even though you can’t see them, there are billions of microorganisms living on your complexion. Sure, it’s not the most luxurious image, but this natural flora is what makes up your skin’s microbiome. Why the biology lesson, you ask? Because the skin’s defense lies in the hands of these lively little micros. Think of your microbiome as a microscopic eco-system—in order to keep the complexion looking happy, you need to care of the little guys on the surface.

Why Is It Important to Keep the Microbiome Balanced?

Like we said, the beneficial flora on your skin does a lot. From locking in moisture to helping defend the skin from age-accelerating environmental stressors, these micros work overtime to keep your complexion looking healthy and clear. And in order to keep your skin looking its best, you also need to put in the work. Just like any other living creature, the natural floras on your skin need fuel to do their job. Applying ingredients like prebiotics and probiotics to the complexion can help restore these beneficial micros and encourage a more balanced complexion. Without this, skin can go rouge and experience issues with blemishes and uneven texture.

What Skincare Products Can I Use to Help Promote a Healthy Microbiome?

Again, skincare products that contain pre and probiotics is the perfect place to start! These ingredients help restore the beneficial flora to the skin, ultimately helping to amp up the glow and overall appearance of the complexion. Thanks to the recent surge of interest in your microbiome, there is plenty of skincare to choose from, including cleanser, serum and moisturizer products. Here at Aloette, we personally love to replenish with a daily serum. The concentrated ingredients and lightweight formula are perfect for a quick pick-me-up that absorbs into skin and works at the surface during a busy day or while you sleep!

Try: Beauty Biome Microbiome Complex Serum | The latest addition to Aloette Farm to Jar Collection, Beauty Biome is infused with prebiotic and probiotic ingredients to help balance the look of your complexion. Perfect for both a morning and evening skincare routine, this multi-tasking serum helps hydrate the skin, reduce the look of uneven texture and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier.

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