Pick Your Perfect Shade and Find the Best Shade for You This National Lipstick Day

Timani Sienna Rose
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Lipstick is the glue that holds makeup looks together. It’s the one stitch of makeup you’d never leave the house without AND the final flourish to your party-ready glam. A well-chosen shade of lipstick is the international symbol for “I’ve got this.” Maybe you’re basically already married to your favorite hue, or maybe you’re still searching for the shade that’s going to color you happy. Either way, Aloette is here to help you celebrate National Lipstick Day in style with a quick and easy guide to choosing the best lip color for your skin tone. Pop on some gloss: we’re getting started now!

How to Choose a Lip Color that Works with Your Undertones

So many makeup color choices come down to undertones, the pink or yellowish hues that subtly show in the base of your skin. Lipstick is no different: cool undertones will look best with cool-tone lipsticks and warm undertones typically look best with warmer-toned lip colors. Some people have neutral undertones, which means that most lip colors will complement their skin—Yahtzee!

If you want an easy way to tell your undertones, think about whether you typically opt for silver or gold jewelry. If silver is your go-to, your undertones are likely cooler. If you tend to go for gold, you probably have warm undertones. Another easy test is whether your skin burns in the sun before it tans. If you get pink right away, you likely have cool undertones.

Cool toned lipsticks have blue or purple undertones, like Glazen or Merlot Liquid Lip Shine, while warm toned lipsticks are closer to the coral or orange end of the spectrum, like Hibiscus or Sand Stone. If your skin has neutral undertones, you could grab Perfectly Pink or Rose Dust for your signature shade.

If you’re looking for Lip Color, Moxie Mauve, Sorbet, and Red Carpet should all look smashing on wearers with cool undertones, while Posh and Coraline are a bit warmer.

A caveat: rules are made to be broken! Feel free to use this guide, but we love to see your personality shine in the lip color you’re most drawn to.

How to Create Your Aloette Lip Look

Now that you’ve got your signature shade in your cart, read on for how to create a luscious-looking lip for National Lipstick Day!

First, set the stage for your lip look with Lip Difference Lip Primer. This vitamin-infused lip treatment goes on under your lipstick to help keep your color rocking a little longer. No matter what shade you’re wearing, Lip Difference helps keep lips hydrated and plumper-looking throughout the day. You can also use Smooth ‘n Sooth

Time to line your lips with your chosen shade our Waterproof Mechanical Lip Definer Pencil. You can match your shade to your lipstick or to your natural lip color for a more minimal look. Trace the shape of your lips, or slightly overline them for a fuller look!

Are you going matte or glossy for National Lipstick Day? If you’re looking to create a more matte lip, Lip Color is the way to go! This stunning array of semi-matte shades is infused with Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil to help promote the appearance of fuller and smoother lips. If you want a bit of shine, Liquid Lip Shine may be your cup of tea! This tinted lip shade is enhanced with conditioning Vitamin E and helps give you that glass-like finish along with a sheer wash of color. You can also layer these lip-loving superstars for a highly-pigmented finish with a bit of added dimension!


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