Which Type of Lash-Loving Mascara Should You Use?

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We all have that one defining memory of when we used mascara for the first time. Leaning over our mom’s bathroom counter and accidentally blinking before the mascara dried. Getting our makeup done at a department store beauty counter. Letting our older siblings glam us up (results may vary). While mascara can seem like a beginner’s guide to beauty—a box to check off—it’s time to learn how we can really start loving our lashes. Keep reading to learn how the ideal type of mascara for you can vary based on your natural lash length, your aesthetic and even the occasion.

Benefits of Mascara

There’s a big reason why even on those “no-makeup” makeup days, everyday beauty lovers will swipe on some mascara before dashing out the door. The best mascara products add the appearance of instant definition to your lashes and can brighten up the look of your eyes to help you appear more awake and put-together for the day ahead. Mascara can also help volumize, lengthen or curl the appearance of lashes for fluttering eyelash looks.

Types of Mascara

There are three main types of mascara to choose from, varying in formula, wand design and specialization:

  1. Lengthening Mascara

The savior for short lashes has arrived! Lengthening mascara is aptly named, as it adds lightweight length to the ends of lashes to help create long and dreamy-looking lashes without weighing down the lids. Aloette’s jet-black Winkable Lifting & Lengthening Vegan Mascara is specially designed to coat each lash individually from root to tip for a noticeable look of added length and lift. With this lengthening mascara, you can keep it casual or ramp up the drama with the versatile, densely bristled wand that combs out each lash to help create ultra-defined, yet delicate lash looks from every angle. Plus, the air-light formula helps prevent flaking or smudging for comfortable, show-stopping wear.

  1. Volumizing Mascara

Sky-high lashes are always in season and a volumizing mascara is your fast-track there. These gravity-defying formulas are focused on adding the appearance of thickness to your lashes for a striking, eye-catching look. See for yourself with Aloette’s wow-worthy TopShelf Volume & Curl Mascara, the smooth-gliding mascara that gives your natural lashes some serious pop. The dual-action volumizing and curling mascara wand gives major life to your lash looks for longer, fuller-looking lashes. Get the fan effect with this jet-black formula that helps separate and lift lashes for a bold and defined appearance.

  1. Curling Mascara

Say goodbye to flat, lackluster lashes. A curling mascara helps transform the look of lashes from a straight line into a soft, natural-looking upward curl that’s the epitome of romance and day-dream. The curling mascara helps create subtle, buildable volume for a more lifted eyelash appearance.

Aloette’s A-List Lash Curling Mascara with Argan Oil truly rolls out the red carpet for lashes, as its skincare-infused formula helps condition lashes for a softer, healthier look. Argan Oil helps moisturize and protect lashes from root to tip, encouraging fuller-looking lashes and aiding in helping prevent premature fallout. Plus, the upcurved wand gently guides lashes into place for comfortable wear. This mascara is ideal for those in need of a multi-tasking, skincare-infused beauty treatment that helps lashes stand out.

Aloette Pro Tip: Lash Enhancing Serum

While mascara can give you the appearance of thick, high-definition and curled lashes, incorporating a lash enhancing serum into your AM/PM skincare routine can help strengthen natural lashes. A lash enhancing serum deeply conditions the hair follicles at the lash line to help prevent premature lash fallout and, as a result, promote healthier, fuller-looking lashes.

A fan-favorite of Aloette’s Platinum Skincare Line, Luscious & Luxe Lash Enhancing Serum is infused with many skin-loving ingredients to help strengthen and protect natural lashes, promoting natural-looking lash enhancement. Aloette’s innovative peptide complex, thanks to its protein makeup, is designed to help strengthen hair for more resilient-looking lashes. Also included in the lash-loving formula is hydrolyzed rice protein, which helps create more hydrated, durable lashes. Add in the moisture-locking capabilities of almond extract, and you’ve got all the makings for a true must-have mascara in your beauty bag. Simply apply a thin line to the upper and lower lash line, using the easy applicator, twice a day for best results.

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