Skincare Advice from Our Favorite Dermatologist

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When it comes to skincare, there are always new trends popping up and new discoveries happening daily. It can be difficult to keep up with what’s new and know the best things to do for your skin. To get some expert skincare advice, we consulted with New York based, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Hadley King to answer our most popular skincare questions so we can use the best practices with our routines!

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Question: Should I Wash My Face Once or Twice A Day?

  • A common question regarding skincare is how many times a day we should be washing our face. We know it’s important to remove makeup before bed, but do we really need to be cleansing both morning and night? See what Dr. King says below:
  • “It’s most important to cleanse the face at the end of the day to remove makeup, pollution, dirt, debris. Whether or not you need to cleanse the face in the morning may depend on your skin and your night routine. If you sweat during the night, have residue from your night skincare routine, or if your skin is particularly oily and/or acne-prone, then cleansing in the morning may be helpful.”
  • If you choose to double cleanse, we recommend using our Face Polish Gentle Oatmeal Scrub to help exfoliate, hydrate, and rejuvenate the look of skin before going in with your regular facial cleanser.

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Question: What are the Benefits of Double Cleansing?

  • Double cleansing is the process of cleansing your face two times, usually one with an oil based cleanser and one with a water based cleanser. This process helps to remove any leftover makeup so your skin is thoroughly cleansed. Let’s see what Dr. King says about double cleansing below:
  • “Oil based cleansers work on the principle of like dissolves like. They can also be the first step in a double cleansing regimen, with a water-based cleanser as the second step to avoid leaving an oily residue– this may be a good option for those with oily or acne-prone skin. Heavy makeup users also may prefer additional cleansing steps.”
  • If you have oily or acne-prone skin, we recommend double cleansing with our Essential Cleansing Oil to help remove makeup and impurities for cleaner, more refreshed-looking skin before cleansing with a cleanser such as Hydra-Cleansing Emulsion Daily Face Wash for Normal to Dry Skin if you are on the dryer side or Start Clean Deep Cleaning Cleanser if you have more acne-prone skin.


Question: Why Should I Use a Toner?

  • A toner is a step in your skincare routine that is usually done after your wash your face but before you apply any serums. But what does toner do? What are the benefits of using a toner? Let’s see what Dr. King has to say about toner below:
  • “Different toner ingredients can offer a host of benefits. If you have oily or acne-prone skin look for a toner with Salicylic Acid or other exfoliating acids. Salicylic Acid can penetrate into pores to remove oil. If you have dry skin look for toners with hydrating ingredients like Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid, Lecithin, Aloe Vera, and Rose Water.”
  • We recommend using our Balancing Tonic for Oily Skin to help deep clean pores of excess oil and impurities. Formulated with witch hazel, aloe vera, and amino acids, this toner is especially helpful for oily skin.

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Question: What Is Skin PH Balance and How Does It Affect My Routine?

  • While the pH balance of skin sounds super scientific, it is essentially just the determining factor on if your skin is balanced or not. If your pH balance is off balance from too many harsh cleansers or treatments, it impacts your skins acid mantle, which is what helps protect your skin. But what does this mean? See what Dr. King says about the pH balance affecting your skin below:
  • “Studies have shown that increased facial skin pH is seen more often in people with acne than in people without acne. Therefore including measures that maintain the pH of the acid mantle could be helpful in the prevention and treatment of acne.”
  • We love using Beauty Biome Microbiome Complex Serum to help balance our skins acid mantle. Infused with hydrating aloe vera and moisture-locking prebiotic and probiotic ingredients, this skin-loving serum helps reduce the look of uneven texture and encourages a healthier-looking microbiome.

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Question: What is the Proper Order to Apply Skincare?

  • Applying your skincare in the right order is essential to help your products work the way they are supposed to. Let’s see what Dr. King has to say about what the correct order is to apply skincare so we can have the best results:
  • “In general, the idea is to go from the lightest products that are most absorbed, progressively to heavier products–so that means cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, makeup. Serums/active ingredients go on clean skin to maximize absorption. Occlusives, oils, and waxes block water loss and should be applied last because they help to lock in the previous steps.”
  • A skincare routine for dry skin, for example, with the correct order to apply would be:

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