How to Practice Holiday Self-Care

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The holidays are a time of gathering and togetherness with friends, family and all of our loved ones. We reminisce on old memories and make new ones—whether it’s a few hours or a few days. While the reunions are nice, sometimes all the shared space and cooking and hosting can get to be a little… much. Aloette is here to share tips on how to make time for *you* this holiday season with 5 fool-proof ideas to holiday self-care that really put the “me” in “merry and bright.”

  1. Morning Reflection

The house can get pretty hectic over the holidays—whether it’s dodging around blow-up mattresses in the living room or pulling up extra chairs to the dining room table. While all you probably want to do is sleep in, it might be nice to actually get up a little early, before the chaos of clamoring for breakfast begins. Take 5-10 minutes for yourself as part of your morning routine to add a sense of relaxation and preparedness to your day. Sit outside while sipping on coffee, set an intention for the day or listen to your favorite song. Whatever it is, start the day your way. You may find everything else becoming a little bit more manageable.

  1. Aromatherapy

Try: Re/Lax Aromatherapy Bath Salts

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a hot bath and a glass of wine. Take your bath to the next level with Re/Lax Aromatherapy Bath Salts. Featuring a subtle ginger-citrus scent, Re/Lax helps invigorate the senses and relax the mind for a soothing bath and skin care experience. Help soak your worries away with this mini *you* moment at the end of your day!

  1. Multi-task & Multi-Mask

Try: Muddy Up Deep Cleansing Mud Masque & Beauty Parfait Probiotic Yogurt Treatment

With only so many hours in the day, it can sometimes feel like you’re trying to choose between flopping down in front of the TV or following your skin care routine. You don’t have to choose—do both! Before sitting down, put on a thin layer of Muddy Up Deep Cleansing Mud Masque. Flip on an episode of that baking show we *all* love as you wait for the mask to dry. This pascalite clay-infused mask will help draw out pore-clogging impurities like dirt and excess oil for a clearer-looking complexion. It’s a skin care mask that you feel working. As the clay dries, you feel your skin tightening underneath. Follow Muddy Up with ultra-hydrating Beauty Parfait Probiotic Yogurt Treatment to intensely moisturize and help soothe the skin for a healthy-looking glow. Multi-task and multi-mask! You can have your cake and eat it, too.

  1. Light Up

Since when does 5 PM feel like 9 PM? The sun sets so early during the holiday season and it can be tough to adjust. Try adding gentle light sources to your home for an instant mood boost in the evenings. Whether candles (scented or unscented), lamplight or holiday decorations, this will help you feel more awake and alert while also creating a warmer atmosphere and extra holiday cheer.

  1. Palette Refresh

Try: Get the Look: Rose Flush

A big part of self care is being self-aware, and to be honest, sometimes picking up new makeup is *just* what the doctor ordered. We’re loving Get the Look: Rose Flush as a fresh new palette to get that frosted rosy look for the holidays. It features a translucent setting powder, a warm bright pink blush, a pinky mauve lipstick and 3 shimmering and matte EyeSilk eyeshadow shades in neutral rose, rose gold and deep brown. For the perfect matching manicure, add on our sister brand butter LONDON Dearie Me!, a cool rose crème nail lacquer that truly nails the look.

By following these 5 holiday self-care tips from Aloette, we hope you’ll escape the Holi-Daze and instead be present with your loved ones! Happy holidays!

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