5 Reasons To Use an Enzyme Peel To Exfoliate This Winter

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Take a break from scrolling for a quick game of word association. We’ll say a word, and then you reply with the first thing that comes to mind. Ready? Okay. “Exfoliate.”

Did you think of “scrub”? Us, too. For most of us, we equate the process of exfoliation, or polishing away dead and dull skin from the complexion, as a very physical process of scrubbing down our face. While sometimes the feeling of a textured exfoliating scrub can be just what we needed, other times it leaves us wondering if there’s a gentler option out there.

This blog is for those other times. It’s nearly winter, which means that in addition to the temperature cooling down and outfits layering up, our skin can start to dry out like nobody’s business. This makes finding a go-to exfoliation skin care routine more important than ever. Aloette is here to introduce you to a gentle, hydrating method of exfoliation that’s ideal for all skin types: the enzyme peel.

What is an Enzyme Peel?

An enzyme peel is an exfoliator that, as the name implies, uses natural enzymes (often derived from fruits) to help shed off dead skin—no gritty scrub required. While each formula works in its own way, our Restorative Enzyme Peel is a gentle gel-based formula that goes on soft and velvety. As the exfoliating gel is massaged into skin, dead skin sloughs away for a smoother-looking skin surface.

How Often Should You Exfoliate?

The best, most complete answer: it depends! Each skincare product and your skin’s specific needs can affect how often you should exfoliate. With our Restorative Enzyme Peel, we recommend using once per week to gently polish away dead skin for a refreshed, radiant-looking complexion.

Why Should I Use An Enzyme Peel?

Here are 5 reasons why we’re loving the enzyme peel as a skin-loving way to exfoliate this winter.

  1. Instant Glow Booster

An enzyme peel exfoliates away dull, dead skin from the surface of the complexion, helping to reveal the next layer of skin underneath. This layer of skin often looks brighter and more radiant, giving an instant boost of spa-like glow to your complexion.

  1. A Deeper Clean

Just like the kitchen or our bedroom, sometimes our skin needs a deep clean. Without exfoliating, dead surface skin can accumulate in pores, putting a damper on our complexions and potentially causing further skin concerns like breakouts. An enzyme peel helps eliminate dead skin buildup for a more clarified appearance of skin.

  1. Skincare Product Enhancement

Regular exfoliation helps to even out the look of skin tone and texture. A smoother skin surface will help your skincare products like cleanser, toner, serum and moisturizer absorb better into the skin.

  1. It’s Gentle Enough For All Skin Types

An enzyme peel often yields immediate results and requires zero downtime, making it a gentle exfoliation option ideal for all skin types.

  1. Better Canvas For Makeup Application

With a smoother look and feel of skin, you may find your makeup complexion products like foundation and concealer providing an easier, more consistent application!

Ready to add enzyme peel exfoliation to your winter skincare routine?

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