Cold Weather Skin care Tips and Tricks

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The holidays are right around the corner, which means that the weather is cooling down and many of us are needing to bundle up when going outside. This also means that skin tends to get *extra* dry due to the lack of moisture in the air and harsh winds and weather. In this blog, we are going to be going through skin care tips and tricks to help your skin stay hydrated and dewy looking all Fall/Winter long!

Invest in a Good Face Cream

Max Moisture in throw 1080@72dpi

A good face cream with good-for-your-skin ingredients will likely be your best friend during the cooler months! Something such as Maximum Moisture Complex will help intensely hydrate the face to quench thirsty, dehydrated skin while also helping to soften the look of lines and wrinkles. Having a go-to face cream will significantly help address any dry or cracked skin concerns due to the cooler, harsh weather.

Yes, You Still Need SPF!

Correction Code on fabric tan 1080x1080 1

Even though most of us are probably not lounging in the sun during the day anymore, you are likely still exposed to the sun! Help protect skin from potentially harmful UV rays, which can help to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Finding a moisturizer that also has SPF, such as Correction Code Daily Moisturizer SPF 25, is a perfect 2-in-1 for hydrated and protected skin! Correction Code helps to lock in hydration and enhance the skin’s natural moisture factor for softer, smoother-looking skin.

No Dry Lips Here!

Complete Contour flatlay Swatches multiple tan 2000

Can we all agree that there is nothing worse than having dry, peeling lips—especially in the cooler months?! Having dry lips is not ideal, so ensuring that you have a good lip product with skin care ingredients to provide hydration is essential. Complete Contour Hydrating Lip Plumper helps soften, plump and smooth the look of lips thanks to the hydrating ingredients of Cocoa Butter, Raspberry Seed Oil and Acai Oil. This lip volumizer helps improve the appearance of dry, dehydrated lips by coating them in instant hydration for smoother-looking lips.

Get Into a Routine

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It is important, especially in the cooler months, that we are getting into a skincare routine of putting on a hydrating body lotion every day/night. There is so much focus put on our faces and the skin we have on our face and neck, but that doesn’t mean we should forget about moisturizing the hands and body! We love Hand and Body Silk because it is made with soothing Aloeganic aloe vera and coconut oil to help keep skin softer.


HydracleansingEmulsion BathroomLifeestyle Standing Nude 1080

Sometimes, our skin changes along with the weather. Making sure your skincare routine is adapting to the cooler temperatures is important because it can help prevent skin from getting super dry. Hydra-Cleansing Emulsion Daily Face Wash (for normal to dry skin) moisturizes as it deep cleanses skin to help sustain the skin’s natural PH balance and helps to avoid over drying skin for a fresher, radiant-looking appearance.

Double the Cleanse, Double the Benefits!

Essential Cleansing Oil box on slate 3000@300dpi

If you wear makeup regularly and are wanting to avoid harsh makeup removers that may dry out skin, reach for a cleansing oil instead! One 2-in-1 cleanser we love is Essential Cleansing Oil because it doubles as a makeup remover and nighttime cleanser. This unique Oil helps to remove dirt, makeup and impurities for a refreshed, healthier-looking appearance. If you want to double cleanse with this product, we recommend first going in with Essential Cleansing Oil to help remove makeup and following with Hydra-Cleansing Emulsion for extra hydration.

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