Brighten Up Any Eye Look: Introducing Our Eyesilk Shade in Mermaid

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We know blue is bold, but this stunning shade is a must have for anyone. While we’re wearing masks right now, it’s the perfect time to play up the eyes and try something new. We promise that once you start wearing blue eyeshadow, you won’t look back. Here are a couple simple ways that you can add a pop of Mermaid into any eye look.


In the Corner: 

Add in a pop of blue to just the inner corner of your eyes. You can wear this way on its own with just our Heavenly Sheen Eye Shadow Base or you could add it into a full eye look that you’ve already created. This trick will really call attention to your eyes and brighten them without being too flashy.

Lining the Lash Line: 

This is such a fun option for any bright shadow shade, but especially this one. Take your small tapered brush from your Professional 5-Piece Brush Collection and dip into your Mermaid powder. Trace the shadow just across your lash line and then blend out any harsh lines. If you’re feeling bold you can even use this brush to take it one step further and create a winged liner look!

Just a Dab: 

This is such a simple trick that you can even use your finger to apply it. Just add a dab of Mermaid across the center of your eyes and blend. Wearing a bright shadow on its own can be the easiest and most fool-proof way to sport a colorful look without worry of overdoing it.

Some Basic Tips: 

  • Blue is a great color to wear when you’re tired. It can bring out the whites in your eyes and distract from any lingering sleepiness or redness.
  • If you’re opting for a bolder eye it is often complemented better by more understated looks on the rest of your face. Opt for a more sheer color on the lips and a lighter nude shade of blush.
  • If you’re looking to get the maximum pigmentation, spray some setting spray onto your eyeshadow brush before dipping into the pan. This trick can work on any shade.
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