Get to Know the Aloette Platinum Collection

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What do the following have in common: (1) Some of the greatest albums of all time; (2) The strongest, most valuable of the popular precious metals; & (3) Aloette’s high-performance, clinical skincare line? They’re platinum!

Aloette’s Platinum Line uses the highest clinically allowable ingredient concentrations in an aloe vera delivery system to help cleanse and balance, firm and smooth, and protect the look of skin. Help revitalize lackluster complexions with skin-loving products that will aid you in your skincare journey towards a more vibrant and radiant-looking complexion.

Take a look at 5 of our ultra-hydrating skincare saviors that help define the age-defying Platinum Collection.

  1. A Deeply Cleansing Experience with Pure Radiance Revitalizing Cleanser

Maybe your skincare routine is already gold, but as time goes on, it’s important to continue incorporating higher potency products into your skincare regimen, as well as switch out products, for an age-defying appearance. Upgrade to Platinum with Pure Radiance Revitalizing Cleanser is a truly indulgent way to start your day, gently yet efficiently cleansing away impurities to help freshen up the look of your complexion. Formulated with Lactic Acid and Aloette’s proprietary Lumitone Complex, Pure Radiance aids in soothing and hydrating skin for the appearance of a brighter, more radiant-looking complexion.

  • Gently cleanses skin to help remove makeup, oil and other daily impurities for clearer-looking skin
  • Helps brighten skin with Lumitone Complex for an age-defying look
  • Lathers up to help awaken skin for a revitalizing experience
  1. Tone Up with Pure Radiance Bioactive Mist

Stuck on a skincare plateau? Go for Platinum with Pure Radiance Bioactive Mist, the tried-and-true toner. Featuring Kombucha Mushroom Extract and Aloette’s proprietary Lumitone Complex, this toner helps gently firm and brighten the appearance of skin for a more refined look. Incorporate Pure Radiance Mist into your skincare routine after AM/PM cleansing to help balance the appearance of skin for a more even-looking complexion.

  • Helps balance and hydrate skin for a matte finish
  • Helps brighten and firm the look of skin
  • Helps refresh and invigorate the complexion with a skin-loving blend of antioxidants
  1. Indulge in Skin Hydration with Age Defiance Pro Firming Serum

Ready for some truth (serum)? Aloette’s Age Defiance Pro Firming Serum features Restoracell Technology, which is proven to deliver results. In a 56-day test, Restoracell greatly helped reduce the appearance of wrinkles for a smoother-looking complexion. Apply Age Defiance Pro twice a day, focusing on facial areas of concern, to help promote a smoother-looking complexion.

  • Helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Unique age-defying formula helps firm the look of skin
  • Intensely hydrates skin for a healthier-looking complexion
  1. Intense Overnight Moisturization with Advanced Night Recovery Pro Night Crème

Upgrade your beauty sleep to Platinum with Advanced Night Recovery Pro, the ultra-creamy and conditioning night crème that helps smooth the skin’s surface for a clearer, more even-looking complexion. Featuring Revivaderm, an age-defying ingredient that helps rejuvenate the look of skin, Advanced Night Recovery Pro works throughout the night to help revitalize the appearance of skin for the next day.

  • Deeply penetrates skin to intensely condition skin
  • Helps improve the look of skin tone and texture with antioxidant-rich formula
  • Aids in the protection from environmental stressors
  1. Help Protect Skin from Environmental Stressors with Pollution Control Environmental Defense Charcoal Mask

Environmental stressors can advance signs of aging, and as Aloette’s Platinum Collection is our age-defying skincare line, it includes many skin-loving ingredients that help protect skin from stressors like pollution and high energy visible blue light. Supplement your skincare routine with Pollution Control, the charcoal mask that helps clarify and refine the look of skin. Infused with Charcoal Powder, Bentonite & Kaolin Clay and Lactic Acid, this skincare mask gently yet deeply exfoliates and cleanses away dirt, oil and other impurities to help reduce the look of shine for a softer, smoother-looking complexion.

  • Helps draw out impurities through gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing
  • Aids in the protection of skin from environmental stressors
  • Boosts hydration to help revitalize the complexion through sea-derived ingredients

And, there’s even more. Click here to view all of the age-defying skincare products in the 20-piece Aloette Platinum Collection, which pamper the skin with gentle yet impactful ingredients that help to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and address signs of aging for a more vibrant-looking complexion.

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5 Ways to Transition Skin into Fall with these Aloette Fall Skincare Must-Haves

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Sweater weather has finally arrived in all its glory and while we know *exactly* how to alter our coffee routine for the fall festivities (we’re looking at you, chai and PSL,) we need a little refresher on how to up our Fall skincare routine to keep in touch with the changing of the seasons.

While we’re so here for the cooler air that accompanies the fall, it can have a drying effect on our skin. With that in mind, it’s probably a good idea to make the switch from lightweight summer products to creamier, more hydrating skincare superstars. Keep reading for 5 of Aloette’s favorite ways to prep skin for the fall.

  1. Opt for a Thicker Moisturizer

You’re already layering up this fall—layer up your moisturizer, too! Bundle your skin in velvety hydration with a thicker, creamy moisturizer that helps replenish moisture to the skin for a more hydrated and healthy-looking complexion. Invigorate tired skin with Nutri-C Moisturizing Crème, the creamy daily moisturizer powered by Vitamins C, A and E to deeply condition skin, help protect skin from environmental stressors and encourage a brighter-looking complexion.

  1. Kiss Chapped Lips Goodbye

No more licking lips to help soothe the dry, chapped lips that are oh-so-common in the fall. Take up a dual-action lip exfoliator and moisturizer that helps to polish away chapped, dry skin while also deeply conditioning the next layer of skin for ultimate pout protection. We love the 2-in-1 Soothe N’ Smooth Lip Balm & Exfoliator for this, as the calming lip relief formula gently exfoliates away dry skin to help improve the look of lip tone and texture, while also locking moisture into the lips with Aloe and Peppermint Oil.

  1. Help Prevent Dry, Itchy Skin

Skin often pulls moisture from the air to help stay hydrated, and as the summer’s humidity fades away, your skin may start to feel dry or itchy. Help rejuvenate the look of skin with the hydration it needs with Hand and Body Silk, the deeply conditioning yet lightweight hand and body lotion. Made with soothing Aloeganic Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil, this non-greasy moisturizer will help keep your skin soft and leave behind a gentle floral scent for the fall.

  1. Add an Eye Cream

As the weather cools and we spend more time inside in front of the TV for late night marathons, it can leave our eyes feeling fatigued and the delicate under eye area needing some extra special attention. An eye cream, like Eye Witness Eye Balm, helps pamper the skin with much-needed hydration and indulgent antioxidant treatment. Eye Witness helps address signs of fatigue and aging, like eye puffiness, dark circles and crow’s feet, with soothing Cucumber Fruit Extract and Aloeganic Aloe Vera for the appearance of well-rested, perked-up skin.

  1. Wind-Proof Your Looks

The chilly autumn wind is so enthralling when it’s swirling leaves in the street, but when it comes to our hair and makeup, it’s a different story. Help protect the flawless makeup looks you took so long to create with a matte setting spray like the Aloette Set + Shield Environmental Defense Makeup Setting Mist. This lightweight, ultra-fine setting spray helps lock makeup into place with a skincare-infused formula that also helps protect the skin from environmental stressors for a fresher-looking complexion. With a dewy, just-applied matte finish, Set + Shield helps you put your best face forward for all that the day holds.

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Which Type of Lash-Loving Mascara Should You Use?

Alist Lash LushLuxe Topself Winkable on marble caps off 1080x1080 1
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We all have that one defining memory of when we used mascara for the first time. Leaning over our mom’s bathroom counter and accidentally blinking before the mascara dried. Getting our makeup done at a department store beauty counter. Letting our older siblings glam us up (results may vary). While mascara can seem like a beginner’s guide to beauty—a box to check off—it’s time to learn how we can really start loving our lashes. Keep reading to learn how the ideal type of mascara for you can vary based on your natural lash length, your aesthetic and even the occasion.

Benefits of Mascara

There’s a big reason why even on those “no-makeup” makeup days, everyday beauty lovers will swipe on some mascara before dashing out the door. The best mascara products add the appearance of instant definition to your lashes and can brighten up the look of your eyes to help you appear more awake and put-together for the day ahead. Mascara can also help volumize, lengthen or curl the appearance of lashes for fluttering eyelash looks.

Types of Mascara

There are three main types of mascara to choose from, varying in formula, wand design and specialization:

  1. Lengthening Mascara

The savior for short lashes has arrived! Lengthening mascara is aptly named, as it adds lightweight length to the ends of lashes to help create long and dreamy-looking lashes without weighing down the lids. Aloette’s jet-black Winkable Lifting & Lengthening Vegan Mascara is specially designed to coat each lash individually from root to tip for a noticeable look of added length and lift. With this lengthening mascara, you can keep it casual or ramp up the drama with the versatile, densely bristled wand that combs out each lash to help create ultra-defined, yet delicate lash looks from every angle. Plus, the air-light formula helps prevent flaking or smudging for comfortable, show-stopping wear.

  1. Volumizing Mascara

Sky-high lashes are always in season and a volumizing mascara is your fast-track there. These gravity-defying formulas are focused on adding the appearance of thickness to your lashes for a striking, eye-catching look. See for yourself with Aloette’s wow-worthy TopShelf Volume & Curl Mascara, the smooth-gliding mascara that gives your natural lashes some serious pop. The dual-action volumizing and curling mascara wand gives major life to your lash looks for longer, fuller-looking lashes. Get the fan effect with this jet-black formula that helps separate and lift lashes for a bold and defined appearance.

  1. Curling Mascara

Say goodbye to flat, lackluster lashes. A curling mascara helps transform the look of lashes from a straight line into a soft, natural-looking upward curl that’s the epitome of romance and day-dream. The curling mascara helps create subtle, buildable volume for a more lifted eyelash appearance.

Aloette’s A-List Lash Curling Mascara with Argan Oil truly rolls out the red carpet for lashes, as its skincare-infused formula helps condition lashes for a softer, healthier look. Argan Oil helps moisturize and protect lashes from root to tip, encouraging fuller-looking lashes and aiding in helping prevent premature fallout. Plus, the upcurved wand gently guides lashes into place for comfortable wear. This mascara is ideal for those in need of a multi-tasking, skincare-infused beauty treatment that helps lashes stand out.

Aloette Pro Tip: Lash Enhancing Serum

While mascara can give you the appearance of thick, high-definition and curled lashes, incorporating a lash enhancing serum into your AM/PM skincare routine can help strengthen natural lashes. A lash enhancing serum deeply conditions the hair follicles at the lash line to help prevent premature lash fallout and, as a result, promote healthier, fuller-looking lashes.

A fan-favorite of Aloette’s Platinum Skincare Line, Luscious & Luxe Lash Enhancing Serum is infused with many skin-loving ingredients to help strengthen and protect natural lashes, promoting natural-looking lash enhancement. Aloette’s innovative peptide complex, thanks to its protein makeup, is designed to help strengthen hair for more resilient-looking lashes. Also included in the lash-loving formula is hydrolyzed rice protein, which helps create more hydrated, durable lashes. Add in the moisture-locking capabilities of almond extract, and you’ve got all the makings for a true must-have mascara in your beauty bag. Simply apply a thin line to the upper and lower lash line, using the easy applicator, twice a day for best results.

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Tuck Your Skin into Bed: 6 Steps to Better Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep Blog Image
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Whether it’s rain forest sleep sounds, an Aromatherapy-infused bath or the pale waves and familiar laugh track of a late night Friends marathon, we all have a trick to falling asleep. But what about our skin? It gets just as tired as we do throughout the day but doesn’t always get the love it deserves. We need to make sure we’re properly caring for it—tucking it in, so to speak—so that it can rest up and renew for tomorrow (and the next day). Follow these 6 skin-loving steps from Aloette for the ultimate beauty sleep skincare routine.

1) Remove Makeup & Wash off the Day

Sometimes the temptation is just *too* real to turn the lights out, fall into bed and pull the covers over our heads without removing our makeup. But, by washing off the day and letting our skin rest, we’ll wake up with a much more refreshed complexion in the morning.

We recommend double cleansing for the ultimate face wash experience: first, wash the face with an oil-based cleanser, then follow up with a water-based cleanser. An oil-based cleanser is our go-to for makeup removal, as it’s designed to break down oil-based substances, like makeup, sebum and sunscreen. Look for skincare formulas that combine this oil-eliminating capability with hydrating ingredients, like Aloette’s Essential Cleansing Oil, which couples skin-loving Sesame, Avocado, Olive and Safflower oils with Aloe and Shea Butter for a soothing, residue-free finish.

Next, segue into your water-based cleanser, which, thanks to the oil-based cleanser, can penetrate further into the skin to help remove pore-clogging impurities like dirt and sweat. Ideal for all skin types, Aloette’s Gentle Foaming Cleanser is the perfect cleanser for the job, as it removes impurities while conditioning the skin with Aloe, Green Tea & Chamomile Extracts to help maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

2) Set the Tone

While often deemed an optional step in the skincare routine, we think a toner is the must-have multitasker that helps balance your skin’s pH for a softer and smoother-looking complexion. Plus, a toner also helps ensure your skin is free of any hard-to-remove makeup, allowing the subsequent serums and moisturizers you apply to absorb further into the skin.

TRY: Pure Radiance Bioactive Mist

Pure Radiance Toner is designed to help balance, tone and firm the appearance of skin for, as the name indicates, a more radiant-looking complexion. Infused with Kombucha mushroom extract and Aloette’s proprietary Lumitone Complex, skincare ingredients geared towards moisturizing and brightening the appearance of skin, this toner is an ideal alcohol-free evening facial mist.

3) Serum Burst

Truly maximize your beauty sleep skincare routine by applying a conditioning serum before bed to help address certain skin concerns and amplify the results.

TRY: Florabright Advanced Brightening Serum

Infused with botanical extracts like Daisy Flower and Orange Blossom, this serum helps improve the look of uneven skin tone and dark spots to help promote a radiant-looking complexion. Whether you apply for spot treatment or use all over the face, Florabright Advanced Brightening Serum is a truly pampering addition to your skincare routine.

4) Nighttime Mask

We all love an indulgent, relaxing skincare mask to wind down the evening. Get the most out of this nighttime practice by choosing a mask type that’s best for your skin type.

FOR OILY/ACNE-PRONE SKIN: Muddy Up Deep Cleansing Mud Masque

  • Helps draw out pore-clogging impurities for a clearer-looking complexion
  • Features Wyoming Pascalite Clay and Cucumber Extract to help reduce the appearance of pores
  • Deeply cleanses for brighter-looking skin

FOR DRY/AGING SKIN: Beauty Parfait Probiotic Yogurt Treatment

  • Indulges skin with intense hydration for a softer-looking, more hydrated complexion
  • Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Formulated with Yogurt and Papaya Extracts to help soothe skin

FOR EXFOLIATION: Restorative Enzyme Peel Exfoliating Gel

  • Best-selling Aloette treatment that gently exfoliates away dead, dull skin to reveal a more refreshed-looking complexion
  • Skin-loving blend of natural fruit extracts, including Grapefruit, Cucumber, Papaya and Pineapple, plus Aloette’s Aloeganic Aloe Vera, helps condition the skin for a brighter-looking complexion
  • Gel-to-water consistency pampers all skin types with gentle exfoliation

5) Night Cream

Take self-care to the next level with an ultra-creamy night crème that can aid in the hydration process overnight. Look for a time-released formula so that your skin is continuously conditioned throughout your sleep. To help address skin concerns in the delicate under eye area like dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles, incorporate a more area-targeted night cream into your skincare routine.

TRY: Beauty Sleep Overnight Cooling Treatment

We love Aloette’s Beauty Sleep Overnight Cooling Treatment for the way it deeply hydrates and conditions the skin with an expertly crafted blend of Farm to Jar ingredients, combined with age-defying hyaluronic acid and squalene. Beauty Sleep helps you wake up to firmer, smoother and softer-looking skin while dramatically reducing the appearance of problem skin factors including cystic acne, redness and inflammation.

6) Body Care

Don’t forget the body care! An often overlooked portion of the beauty sleep skincare routine, incorporating indulgent body crèmes, scrubs and washes to help condition and exfoliate the skin promotes a soothed and soft-looking complexion.

FOR CLEANSING: Tropical Gardens Body Collection Bundle

Your new shower lineup has arrived! Relax and unwind from the day with an Aloe Vera and Shea Butter-infused body wash kit, including the Coconut Milk & Turmeric Nourishing Body Wash, the Coconut Milk & Turmeric Hydrating Body Lotion and the Coconut Milk & Turmeric Refreshing Body Mist. Effusing an enchanting, citrusy scent, wash, scrub and spritz away daily impurities with a rich, skin-softening lather and refreshing veil of hydration.

FOR EXFOLIATION: Re/Juvenate Body Scrub

Help address patches of dry, rough skin with Re/Juvenate! Featuring a skin-loving blend of botanicals and antioxidants like Apricot Seed Powder, Ginger Root Extract and Vitamin E, this body scrub helps encourage soft yet resilient skin, exfoliating away dead skin for a more rejuvenated look. Follow with Re/Vive Moisture-Binding Body Lotion to lock in hydration and help smooth the look of skin tone and texture.

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Purify Your Pores: Aloette’s Skin Care Solution for a Smoother-Looking Complexion

Model Applying Enzyme Peel RT
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What was it that Queen said in “Bohemian Rhapsody”? Was it “I’m just a pore boy”? Honestly, same. That’s how we feel whenever we come down with pesky breakouts that can sometimes dim our dewy complexions and put a damper on our glow. While pore-cloggers like dirt and excess oil probably aren’t going anywhere any time soon (thanks, hormones, environmental pollution and stress), a solid AM/PM skincare routine can help draw out impurities for a brighter-looking, more even-looking skin tone.

What Are We Up Against?

Sure, we know what blackheads and whiteheads look like, but how exactly do they form?

Blackheads, also known as open comedones, occur when your pore becomes clogged with sebum (an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands). The sebum undergoes a chemical reaction in which it’s oxidized and turns a black color.

Whiteheads, or closed comedones, appear when a pore fills with bacteria and, without a way for the bacteria to exit, form a white tip.

Pimples, AKA pustules and papules (they even sound annoying), occur when a pore becomes inflamed and fills with pus and debris. Pimples can swell and irritate the area around them.

And it’s not just a teen problem! Adult acne is a real thing, and it can sometimes be debilitating when it comes to being social… but it doesn’t necessarily have to be… not if we take measures to help prevent breakouts as much as possible.

So How Do We Help Our Skin Fight Back?

Your daily skincare routine is your best bet at helping to reduce the appearance of acne and other skin concerns. It’s what you do day in and day out—those habit-forming skincare choices—that help protect your skin from stressors and allow the inner you to shine.


  1. Cleanse

There’s nothing better to help wake up in the morning than splashing some cool water on your face. Using an AM cleanser is the tried-and-true method for helping to remove any overnight dirt or oil you may have picked up from your pillowcase. Making sure your face is clean before you apply makeup ensures a clean foundation for your product to take to, helping provide better coverage and application.

TRY: Aloette Start Clean Deep Cleaning Cleanser – This deep-clean gel cleanser helps cool and purify the appearance of skin, designed to draw out pore-clogging impurities from acne-prone skin, utilizing Lactic Acid, Aloeganic® Aloe Vera and Peppermint Oil.

TRY: Aloette City Detox Environmental Defense Powder Cleanser – Add just a sprinkle of water to this charcoal-infused powder cleanser for a luxe, sulfate-free lather that helps break down dirt, oil, makeup and other impurities for a brighter-looking complexion.

  1. Tone

A toner helps wipe away additional impurities and to enhance the absorption of other skin care products in your routine. Simply add a few drops to a cotton pad and apply to the face and neck in upward motions for a more balanced-looking complexion.

TRY: The Aloette Toner Collection contains specially formulated ingredients for each skin type. Help remove stubborn makeup, dead skin and other impurities without drying out the skin.

  1. Activate

A good rule of thumb with your skincare routine is to apply products in order of thinnest to thickest. Next up in the viscosity rank is serum, a nutrient-packed system that helps deliver and activate concentrated antioxidants for your skin. Whether it’s infused with age-defying hydroxy acids to help firm the appearance of skin or bright botanical extracts to help soothe your complexion, a serum can be a game-changer in the ultimate skincare routine.

TRY: Aloette Beauty Biome Microbiome Complex Serum – Help balance your complexion and boost the skin’s barrier function with Beauty Biome’s Aloe Vera + pre- and probiotic formula.

TRY: Aloette C The Light Vitamin C Serum – Help brighten the appearance of skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots for a more even skin tone with this skincare superstar.

  1. Moisturize

For deep hydration and conditioning of the skin, a lightweight yet hydrating moisturizer is a MUST in your daily skincare routine.

TRY: Aloette Be Smooth All-in-One Balm – Help address signs of aging with this skin-loving daily moisturizer. Featuring Matrixyl Synthe’6, this intensely hydrating balm helps smooth away dry spots and reduce the appearance of fine lines for a more clarified-looking complexion.

TRY: Aloette Gold Rush Crème to Oil Hydration Treatment – This creamy, age-defying pressed oil treatment uses an advanced botanical and tripeptide blend to help restore your skin’s glow with deep moisturization.


No matter what type of day it’s been, your skin has been through a lot. While the same basic steps apply for your nightly skincare routine, the products you use may differ based on your needs for this time of day.

  1. Cleanse

For a nighttime cleanser, look for products that focus on removing makeup and daytime buildup for a residue-free finish. Aloette’s Essential Cleansing Oil helps soothe the skin and refresh it with leading ladies like sesame, avocado, olive and safflower oils so you can rest easy. You should also exfoliate the skin once or twice a week for a deep cleanse of your pores.

  1. Tone

You may prefer a lighter toner in the evening, like this Aloette Pure Radiance Bioactive Mist. Spritz the Kombucha mushroom and Lumitone Complex-infused mist onto skin to help increase the balance and brilliance of your complexion.

  1. Activate

A nighttime serum may be more target-focused on a specific area of the face, like the under eye area (especially necessary, depending on what time you get to bed!). Aloette’s Eye Witness Intensive Eye Balm helps reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and puffiness for more awake-looking eyes.

  1. Moisturize

PM hydration is the best time to make use of an ultra-indulgent moisturizer that truly takes the time to penetrate past the skin’s barrier deep into skin. The Aloette Advanced Night Recovery Pro Night Crème with Revivaderm is an age-defying formula that helps soften skin for a more dewy-looking complexion in the morning.

Take our Skin Care Quiz to find out more about which Aloette Products are right to help address your skin concerns.

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The Ultimate Guide to Retinol with Renewal-A

Renewal A with towel and tray 1080x1080 1
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Maybe you’ve been an avid Retinol with Renewal-A user for years, or maybe it’s simply a word that makes you go, “Oh, that’s that stuff in night cream, right?” Regardless, if some of your skincare goals include reducing signs of aging, brightening your complexion, and firming up the skin, it’s time you get to know the star ingredient behind Aloette’s NEW Age-Defying Retinol Night Serum, Renewal-A to understand how you can incorporate it into your weekly skincare routine for an age-defying, healthier-looking glow.

What is Retinol?

 The perfect base for your skincare cocktail, Retinol is a form of Vitamin A that helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while also encouraging healthy skin renewal. It penetrates deep into your skin, to the inner layer called the dermis, to help balance the complexion from the inside out.

Retinol is often associated with Retinoids, but it’s important to note that the two are not interchangeable. A “Retinoid” is an umbrella term for any form of synthetic Vitamin A, and can often refer to prescription-strength dermatologic skincare products. Meanwhile, Retinol is a gentler, yet highly effective ingredient used in over-the-counter skincare products like Aloette’s Renewal-A Age-Defying Retinol Night Serum that can play a massive role in helping to reduce signs of aging.

Who is Retinol For?

Because of Retinol’s incredible age-defying and skin-brightening properties, it’s often encouraged for use as soon as you begin to notice signs of aging in your complexion. While those with mature skin tend to see the biggest improvements with use, even those with younger skin can enjoy the powerhouse antioxidant’s skin-firming benefits. Feel free to begin incorporating a Retinol-based PM serum or cream into your skincare routine during your mid-to-late 20s and beyond, starting with applications 2-3 times per week and working up.

When Do I Apply My Retinol-Based Product?

 Because Retinol is formulated to even out the skin tone, it may cause increased sun sensitivity, meaning that you should only apply Retinol-powered products as part of your evening skincare routine. And, you should also make sure you’re using an SPF-based moisturizer every AM to help protect your fresh and delicate skin.

For an instant boost of hydration with Retinol serums, like Aloette’s NEW Renewal-A Age-Defying Retinol Night Serum, you should apply to freshly cleansed and toned skin, before your favorite moisturizer. If you prefer a time-released overnight cream, like Aloette’s Advanced Eye Recovery Pro, specially formulated to help perk up the under-eye area, make this the last step in your evening routine so that your skin can soak up ~all~ the skin-loving benefits while you sleep.

Should I Use a Retinol Cream or Serum?

While this is somewhat a matter of preference, it also comes with understanding how the differing benefits of a cream versus serum work to help address your specific skin concerns.

A serum is a nutrient-packed, hydrating delivery system that helps supply and activate concentrated antioxidants for your skin. Serums are often highly targeted for specific skin concerns—if addressing signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles and creating a more balanced-looking complexion with a burst of antioxidants are top skincare priorities for you, stocking up on a Retinol Serum like Renewal-A Age-Defying Retinol Night Serum would be a great way to optimize your skincare regimen.

Or, if you want an indulgent, ultra-creamy nighttime moisturizer that is very easy to apply and will take the night to absorb deep into the skin to help reduce the signs of aging and reveal a brighter glow, a Retinol cream may be for you. Try pairing with a Vitamin C serum to help complement the effects of the Retinol for a more youthful-looking complexion.

Aloette’s Retinol-Powered Secret to Age-Defying Skincare

Ready to give Retinol a go? Our NEW Renewal-A Age-Defying Retinol Night Serum is formulated with the likes of Niacinamide, Vitamin C and a skin-loving blend of Ceramides to deeply condition skin and help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a brighter-looking complexion.

Simply apply to freshly cleansed and toned skin 2-5 times per week as part of your nighttime routine. Follow with your favorite Aloette moisturizer for best results.

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An Aloette Influencer On Why You Should Take The Leap

Carol Allen Blog
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Real people and real stories are what make Aloette so special. Are you still trying to decide if you should take a leap of faith and try something new? We sat down to chat with Aloette Influencer, Carol Allen, for her best advice on taking the leap and making it stick.

How has your life changed since joining Aloette? 

My Mom was introduced to the products when they launched in Canada in the early eighties.  She loved them because they had Aloe Vera and she was already familiar with the healing properties of the gel.  Growing up in Jamaica, she used to cut the leaves and apply the gel on her skin for burns and cuts. She became a consultant for a brief period and always kept products in the bathroom, so I started using them regularly.  I developed a daily routine and never looked back.  

I was so impressed with the products over the years and how they made my skin glow, that I wanted everyone to try them and experience them. I became a consultant in February 1998 while working my full-time job in the Technology field as a way to be able to do something fun on my weekends. The extra money definitely came in handy, but I had so much fun meeting new people and helping them achieve great skin that I’ve stayed in the business so I can continue to help others. Plus, the awesome perks like the personal discount, free products, and endless rewards such as jewelry, trips, and other cool stuff are a bonus!

I’ve met so many beautiful clients.  Some have become Consultants/Affiliates/Influencers and I’ve also met consultants from other franchises throughout the years, some of whom have become lifelong friends. I’ve been on trips with many of them and experienced some amazing Conferences in the US and Canada. We’ve made so many great memories that I would never have if I wasn’t in this business. This really is the best group of “Sisters” that anyone could ask for and everyone goes out of their way to lend a helping hand when required.

What advice would you give to anyone on the fence about starting their Aloette journey?

I would tell anyone who’s thinking of joining Aloette to stop thinking about it and just do it.  You’ll never know what you can do until you take the plunge and just go for it! Every day that you are not in this business, you are doing yourself a disservice. The beauty industry is booming and there are so many opportunities to grow in this field. Plus, we get first access to some of the latest beauty products!

What has helped you achieve success with Aloette? 

Setting goals has definitely helped me achieve success. I still have so much to accomplish, but what’s great is that you have the flexibility to do a lot or a little. It’s your choice as to how you want to work and grow your business since it is your own business. Everyone’s goals and journey are different, so you just have to do what you feel is comfortable for you.

How do you set goals for yourself and measure your success? 

When I am working towards a franchise or corporate reward, I set my goal and break it down into small chunks. I keep checking my daily progress to see what I need to do to achieve it.  

What are your top three favorite Aloette products? 

Right now my three favorite products are the Pollution Control Mask which I just recently started to use. I love how it makes my skin feel when I put it on. Everyone needs to use it weekly!

The Nutri-Hydrating Mist will always be one of my favorites. I spray it all over my body daily from head to toe.  Since it has a high content of Aloe, vitamins A, C, E, and B5 complex, it’s great for cuts, burns, and skin irritation. It provides a nice mist of hydration throughout the day when I need a quick spritz. I always have a small bottle in my purse. 

I also now love Ageless Science. It’s a game-changer and it’s doing wonders for my skin.

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Every Skin Type Has an Ideal Face Mask Type. What’s Yours?

Aloette Mask Blog
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Face masks can instantly transform your at-home skincare routine into a serene, spa-worthy oasis. Whether you’re using a face mask throughout the week for ultra-pampering skincare benefits, like deep hydration and the removal of excess oils, or as the perfect pairing for a night with friends and a glass of wine, it’s always key to understand what your skincare face mask is doing for you and which kinds work best with your skin type to get the most out of those 20-minute self-care skincare spa treatments.

Gel Masks

Help bring the appearance of brightness back to your complexion by gently lifting off dead skin, excess oil and surface impurities from the top layer of your skin to help reveal a more natural-looking glow. Environmental pollution and UV rays can take a toll on your complexion, but an exfoliating gel mask can help balance out the appearance of skin tone. Aloette Restorative Enzyme Peel Exfoliating Gel helps deliver results in just 60 seconds.

Best For:

Sensitive Skin: Restorative Enzyme peel is an exfoliating option that is great for those with more temperamental skin as it utilizes Fruit Enzymes to gently removes dead skin cells. It also contains Aloe Vera which is known for its soothing benefits that hydrate and relieve dry, sensitive skin!

Sheet Masks

More of an on-the-go option, the sheet mask is a thin cloth sheet with holes for the eyes and mouth that’s pre-soaked in skin-loving serums. These skincare masks provide your skin with the much-needed moisture and nutrients that help create a firmer, more radiant-looking complexion. This hydration-intensive mask is specially designed to create a moisture barrier for your skin to help lock in the benefits of the treatment. And, a cool bonus with this mask type is the ability to help hyper-treat the appearance of skin for certain skin concerns, whether it be dark spots or fine lines. Try applying Aloette Skin Refining Toner before you apply your sheet mask to help soak in as many nutrients as possible.

Best For:

Dry/Normal/Combination Skin: Sheet masks answer your skin’s SOS to boost hydration and lock in the moisture for a healthier-looking complexion.

Overnight Masks

A mask that encourages us to get our beauty sleep? You don’t need to tell us twice. Overnight skincare masks are the revitalizing finish for your evening skincare routine, designed to boost deep hydration into the skin throughout your sleep. Simply apply to cleansed, toned skin before bed and wash off when you wake up, or simply rub the excess product into the skin! The lightweight, creamy, age-defying formula helps protect skin while moisturizing throughout the night. This is a great option for anyone who needs an extra boost of moisture to help get that dewy morning glow-look. Try mixing in Aloette best-selling Beauty Parfait Probiotic Yogurt Treatment with your overnight mask or night cream to help soothe and rehydrate the skin.

Best For:

Mature Skin: As we age, our natural skin hydration can, so it’s always a good idea to help replenish that moisture with good-for-your-skin skincare products. We love an overnight mask for mature skin because it’s gentle yet helps bring back a youthful-looking glow—all while you sleep!

Mud/Clay Masks

Really indulge in the luxe spa day feel with a mud or clay mask. These pore-refining skincare stars draw out impurities like magnets to help balance and firm the appearance of your complexion. Mineral-rich and naturally detoxifying, mud masks help draw out excess dirt and oil to clarify the look of your complexion. The Aloette Muddy Up Deep Cleansing Masque gently pampers the skin while working double-time to help draw out pore-clogging impurities and brighten the appearance of skin.

Best For:

Oily/Acne-Prone Skin: Mud and clay masks will help absorb extra oil secretion from your skin to leave you with a radiant-looking glow. These nutrient-rich masks are also known for being antibacterial, which can help reduce the appearance of breakouts.

Be Mindful of Your Complexion:

Mud and clay masks are very absorbent, which means that while deep-cleaning pores, they may soak up too much moisture from dry and sensitive skin types to make this a good option for regular use. An exfoliating skincare mask is a good alternative, as it can also lift away oil and dirt without drying out the skin.

Exfoliating Masks

Exfoliating is a must in the skincare world, as it helps you get rid of dead skin buildup, draw our pore-clogging impurities and balance the look of the complexion for smoother-looking skin. These skincare masks often contain tiny exfoliating particles that help polish away dull skin for a brighter-looking complexion.

Best For:

All Skin Types: Everyone can benefit from the rejuvenation that the deep-cleansing exfoliating mask can provide. Those with oily and acne-prone skin might benefit from the Aloette Stick Shift Exfoliating Cleanser Stick with skin-purifying Charcoal and Moroccan Lava Clay.

Be Mindful of Your Complexion:

Worried about exfoliating your sensitive skin? The Aloette Face Polish Gentle Oatmeal Scrub is formulated with gentle organic aloe vera to help smooth the appearance of skin.

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How Pollution Affects Your Skin and What to do About it

Pollution Control Blog Image
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Pollution. One simple word that holds a lot of meaning.

It’s no surprise if smoggy cities and roaring exhaust pipes are the first things that pop into your mind when you hear this term, but have you ever thought about what pollution could be actually doing to your skin? Much like a body of armor, our skin acts as a protective layer to the outside world—helping to keep environmental stressors and pollutants out (most of the time).

Even though the skin’s purpose is to help “protect,” it’s still an organ that soaks up a lot of the outside world. If you don’t take the time to care for it, you’ll start to notice… trust us. So, to help you on your way to clearer, healthier-looking skin, Aloette is breaking down what you need to know about environmental stressors and what key ingredients you should be looking for when it comes to skincare prevention:

Pollution Skincare Concerns to Look For

Fine Lines: Environmental stressors don’t just affect skin at the surface level. Pollution can dive deep into the skin, which often results in potential loss of smoothness and “bounce.” This can lead to age-accelerating impacts like fine lines and wrinkles.

Dark Spots: Sun damage isn’t just sunburn. UVA and UVB rays can result in the appearance of an uneven skin tone, dark spots, and sunspots, especially over time. Wearing sunscreen and applying Vitamin C is a great way to help improve the look of and uneven skin tone and help prevent future sun damage.

Enlarged pores: Pollution is also known to cause pores to appear larger. Not only does this create an uneven appearance, but it can increase the chances of blemishes and congestion since the skin is more “open.”

Ingredients That Can Benefit Your Anti-Pollution Skincare Routine

Green Algae Extract | This ingredient is full of antioxidants to help protect the skin from environmental stressors and restore the look of the complexion. Add a dose of this nutrient-rich extract to your skincare routine with a lightweight cream that helps provide anti-pollution benefits, especially against high-energy visible blue light. Aloette BioDefense is an Environmental Protection Cloud Cream that is packed with Green Algae Extract and other clean ingredients to help replenish the skin while instantly working to hydrate and plump the look of skin.

Lactic Acid |A popular chemical exfoliant, Lactic Acid helps refine the look of pores and exfoliate the skin. Our Pollution Control Environmental Defense Charcoal Mask is formulated with Charcoal, Bentonite and Kaolin Clay to help draw out pore-clogging impurities while helping to reduce the look of shine. You can use this face mask 1-2x a week to help clarify and refine the look of skin after exposure to outside stressors.

Charcoal | This fine powder works like a magnet to help draw impurities out of the skin. As the main ingredient in the Aloette City Detox Environmental Defense Powder Cleanser, Charcoal combines with a Papaya Extract to help refresh the look of dull skin while gently cleansing the day away. Just add a sprinkle of water to the charcoal-infused powder and it instantly transforms into a luxurious cleanser that lathers away dirt, oil and makeup.

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An Aloette Skincare Influencer Shares Her Best Advice On Self-care

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Aloette Influencer’s love self-care so much, they turned it into their job! So we thought, “Who better to ask for self-care advice for those of us that struggle with it?” Take a few minutes to show yourself some love by catching up with Sawyer and her best advice on taking care of yourself.

What good is an empty lantern? 

Think about it. No fuel, no light. No matter how beautiful it is or how bright it could shine its purpose remains unfulfilled collecting dust. Selfcare is the fuel lighting your lantern, allowing YOU to shine brightly for all to see.

So I say to you, as cliche as it might seem, Selfcare is not selfish and it’s gaining a lot of much needed attention. What is Selfcare really? According to the Oxford Languages via a quick google search, “seriously, what would we do without a search engine?” you will see Selfcare defined as:

  • the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.
  • the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

For years women have been ingrained to take care of everyone else first; kids, partners, friends, the house, her job, join the PTA, her parents, literally you NAME it and she probably had her hands in it. Women are creatures of caregiving, multitasking, and master jugglers literally trying to be and do everything for everyone. It’s exhausting, plus how can you be everything and do everything and still have time to just be?  You can’t. Hence the wave of self-care, learning that taking time for YOU isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessary proponent of a healthy, happy, fulfilled life. And I am all in for that. Listen, men need self-care, too, just like they need skincare. Listen up, dudes.

I’m a visual person and while I don’t remember who said it or if I watched a Reel about it, probably the latter, this really stuck with me when trying to promote why self-care matters. Enter a line of cups and a pyramid of cups side by side, two pitchers of water, and watch as an experiment ensues. One water pitcher goes down the line filling up each cup until it runs out with cups still left empty. Now the second water pitcher first fills the top cup to the brim and keeps pouring until it runs empty. The difference is as water flows into all the cups underneath, it leaves not a single one empty while the first cup at the top remains full. She was making a point: fill up your cup first and you’ll have more than enough to share vs the traditional “me last” approach.

Now, where to start? Simple, start small, and stay consistent. The first step to self-care for me is my skincare routine, hence probably why I was asked to write this blog. Skincare is habit-forming, it’s not time-consuming, it’s easy, and it will make you feel betterWhen you feel better you start to show up as your best self. BOOM. Want another easy step??? Drink 8 glasses of water each day. It’s measurable, it’s doable and it’s good for your entire body, skin included. Lastly, get your heart rate up with some cardio and/or a good book. I’m a sucker for cheesy, sorry NOT sorry. Lastly, choose gratitude. It’s true, when you practice being thankful for your many blessings it changes you from thinking you’ll never be or have enough into knowing you are enough and getting better.

Pick a day, I’m not only cheesy but a sucker for alliteration, so I usually do Selfcare Sunday or Selfcare Saturday but just pick a day for you to really focus on recharging. Most of us charge our cell phones every single night. We need to recharge ourselves, too. Some of my favorite ways to show myself some love is to sleep in with the hubby and furbabies, read whatever book I have open, do a mask/facial treatment while I soak and sip some red wine. Oh and cardio, not necessarily in that order of course. Now, let me back up, I normally sleep in since I do Aloette full time and I have since about 19 but the difference is the hubby joins and since quality time is a love language of mine it’s nice to slowly wake and catch up with him. It’s the little things that add up to be the big deals in my book.

If you struggle with making time for self-care I’d recommend defining it again. Then I’d tell you that self-care doesn’t mean that you have to take a whole day, week, month to lounge about being lazy or slacking on responsibilities. It simply means taking some time for yourself in little bits, whether it’s a few moments or an hour. So figure out something you love and do it. Moms especially need to take a few moments each day to be thankful for the beautiful loud crazy mess they call kiddos, yeah I said it. When days are long and hard sometimes it’s an attitude of gratitude that will get you mamas through. Remember, small eyes are watching you so show them the best you that you can be and give yourself grace when you falter.

Surround yourself with powerful women who make self-care a priority. Being a part of Aloette means I’m in business for myself but I’m never by myself. I get to grow alongside like-minded self-care advocates and skincare junkies who give me community, shareable content when I’m feeling uninspired, and a sisterhood of women showing up even when we don’t feel like it.  After reading this I hope you’re more inclined to take some time for yourself to be and become the very best version of yourself. But if not, that’s okay, just remember to wash your face and moisturize. I swear I’m happier when I’m moisturized. Tricked ya!



“Sawyer Says Selfcare”

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