Beauty Hacks: Versatile Uses For Aloette Products

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We love products that can serve us in more ways than their intended function. Multiple functions for the price of one? You just can’t beat it. We have found three great hacks using Aloette products that you have to try as soon as possible! 

Correction Code +  Be Picture Perfect Foundation For A DIY CC Cream: 

Some days your skin needs a break from the routine or maybe you just don’t want a full coverage look. That doesn’t mean you should have to spend the extra money on a different foundation product when you’ve already found what you love. We have the perfect solution with a combination that you already have on your counter: our Be Picture Foundation and our Correction Code Daytime Moisturizer. Correction Code works to firm the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and moisturize the skin throughout the day. It also contains SPF 25 for the daily protection from harmful UV rays that you should give your skin every day. Mix a small pump of your shade of Be Picture Perfect Foundation into your moisturizer in the morning and work it into your face as you normally would. 

Restorative Enzyme Peel Doubles As An Exfoliating Foot Treatment 

Who doesn’t love a great pedicure? With everything going on in the world, visiting the nail salon or the spa might not be an option for you or maybe you just want to save money. Either way, we found the perfect hack to add into an at home pedicure treatment. Our Restorative Enzyme Peel is a fan-favorite for removing dead skin from the face, so we put it to the test on our feet as well. Of course, it was no surprise that it left our feet feeling brand new! After you try this, you’ll be shocked you hadn’t thought of it before! 

Lush + Luxe As An Eyebrow Gel 

The perfect way to complement great lashes is with great brows. You already know and love this serum for the boost it brings to your eyelashes, but have you tried applying it to your eyebrows as well? Lush + Luxe is formulated with nutrient rich ingredients that strengthen fine hairs just like your lashes and brows. Add this quick step into your routine and you’ll be amazed!

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