An Aloette Skincare Influencer Talks Beauty Club, Her Favorite Products, and Her Aloette Journey

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Aloette Influencer Blog Feature

We caught up with one of our Aloette Influencers, Brooke Norlin, for a conversation about her favorite Aloette perk-Beauty Club Subscription Box. She also shared her Aloette journey with us as well as some of her best skincare advice and some of her favorite products. Keep reading to find out more about Brooke!

What brought you to Aloette? 

“Aloette was a perfectly placed beacon of light while I was at a crossroads in my direct sales career. A friend introduced me to Aloette and I quickly learned they were everything I had been looking for in a company to work with. Amazing products people love, online growth opportunities, and longevity of consultants!” 

What is your favorite part of being an #AloetteInfluencer? 

“I love how flexible it is here. I don’t mean that I can run my own schedule (which is true), but I mean that I run my own business. Aloette provides the tools and products and allows me to promote and grow in the style that suits me and my network best.”

The theme for this month’s Beauty Club box was “Rest and Restore.” What do you do to rest and restore? 

“It’s going to sound cliché, but it’s true. My skincare routine. I carve out 20 minutes at night to dedicate to me and caring for my skin is a big part of that. I had very sensitized and damaged skin from years and years of using harsh products to rid myself of adolescent acne. So, it is my way of truly caring for myself and unwinding from the day to dive into my skincare routine. I also love the beach! Nothing restores my soul quite like the ocean.”

What was your favorite item in this month’s Beauty Club box? 

“Hands down, Beauty Sleep. I love that it’s that extra boost of hydration, but it’s a bonus that it helps with the inflammation of any acne flare ups. Beauty Club is my favorite subscription box! Not only am I spoiled once every other month, but it allows me to try products I might not have thought of for myself.””

What is your favorite Aloette product and why do you love it? 

“I’m a skincare girl at heart, but one thing that has impressed me in a big way is the Ultra Finish Foundation. I have always been a liquid foundation wearer, but this powder has converted me!”

What is your best skincare advice? 

“Be consistent. No matter where you are with your own personal skincare, you need to be consistent. Whether you carve time out in your day to rest & restore, or you only have 30 seconds to wash your face in the shower, don’t skip it. Be consistent!!”

What is going to be your go-to makeup routine this Spring/Summer? 

Ultra Finish Foundation and A-List mascara! Light, simple and flawless!”

Beauty Club is an exclusive subscription box for Aloette Influencers to try new products at a great price. Once you become an Aloette Influencer you’ll be able to sign up for Beauty Club and receive a box full of goodies every other month for just $34.99 USD or $39.99 CDN. You do not want to miss out! 

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