7 Simple Lifestyle Habits That Can Help Boost Your Skincare Routine

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We’re as big of fans of skincare and makeup hauls as the next beauty lovers, but sometimes it’s all about what you do in between skincare product applications that can be the game-changer for your complexion. Here are 7 ways to help improve your overall skin health without needing to add more products to your skincare routine.

  1. Clean your makeup brushes

Old makeup, bacteria, oil and sweat—your makeup brushes really need a rinse. Remembering to clean your makeup brushes at least once a week can help prolong the life of your brushes, encourage a better product application and provide gentler care to your skin. And it’s simple:

To clean your makeup brushes, all you need is your trusty morning cleanser and lukewarm water. After wetting brush bristles with water, place a drop of cleanser in the palm of your hand. Gently swirl the brush in your palm and rinse thoroughly. Be sure to squeeze out any extra moisture and then gently re-form your brush to its original shape. To dry, set your brushes off the side of your counter on a clean paper towel or towel and you’re good to go.

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  1. Shower and cleanse with lukewarm water

Okay, we are totally of the opinion that a steaming hot shower has its rightful place in every wellness routine…but, did you know that regularly using hot water to cleanse can actually strip your skin of much-needed oils and dehydrate your complexion?

Try using lukewarm water when you wash your face and body for skin that feels clean and still looks hydrated. No need to get rid of your scorching showers completely, but it may be a good idea to save them for the days you need that extra warmth the most. And, as we always recommend, make sure you’re applying a thick moisturizer and pampering body lotion post-shower to help skin stay hydrated and conditioned.

  1. Treat skin with a more gentle touch

On the subject of cleansing, be gentle with your skin. While scrubbing down your skin might make you feel extra clean after a long day, it’s better to lightly massage your cleanser across the face and body using gentle circular motions, letting the product do the work. When it’s time to dry, gently blot skin rather than rubbing it dry to help lock moisture into skin.

  1. Turn your serum application into a facial massage

Rather than just patting in a serum, help enhance your relaxation and lock-in the skin-loving benefits of your serum with a facial massage. Whether you use a skin care roller, a gua sha stone or simply your clean fingers, a facial massage helps increase product absorption and reduce the appearance of puffiness for a healthier-looking complexion.

  1. Resist the squeeze

It’s so much easier said than done, but resisting the temptation to pick and squeeze at blemishes is a small but important change to make for your skin. While it might feel satisfying in the moment, picking at blemishes can cause discoloration and even more breakouts in the future.

  1. Consider your wardrobe

Especially during the winter, we’re *piling* on the fabrics in semi-successful attempts to stay warm. Even though we can sometimes tolerate a bit of suffering for ~fashion~, maybe it’s time to swap out those itchy, scratchy sweaters for comfier, more breathable alternatives. Or, dress in layers so that your chic (but rough) wool sweater isn’t directly touching your skin.

Additionally, make sure you have a pair of gloves handy to help stave off dry skin due to wind or chill.

  1. Switch to silk pillowcases

Whether you’re all about age prevention or looking for an excuse to turn your queen mattress into a bed truly fit for a queen, it’s probably a good idea to switch to silk pillowcases. Regular pillowcases can create friction against your skin and can cause skin creasing or even wrinkling over time. Silk is gentle on the skin, helping to minimize wrinkles from pillow smooshing and even help prevent frizzy hair to boot!


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