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International Women’s Day is upon us, and while we definitely celebrate women year-round, March 8th presents an opportunity to highlight and recognize women and their accomplishments. This week in the blog, we are going to highlight some of our glamorous Aloette ladies to discuss what International Women’s Day means to them. First Up, Crystal McNeer! Crystal McNeer Headshot For our first Aloette representative, we have Crystal McNeer. Crystal is a photographer, medical aesthetician, and Aloette beauty influencer based in Virginia. We love the passion and energy that Crystal has for Aloette! Q: How does Aloette allow you to uplift and inspire other women? “For over 20 years Aloette has allowed me to connect to other women on a very personal level. It's more than skin deep, I love seeing a woman transform as their inner beauty radiates and changes the reflection they see in the mirror. It’s more than self-care or even confidence, it’s about authentically loving yourself and sharing your one-of-a-kind beauty with the world!” Q: What Aloette product makes you feel most beautiful?Beauty Sleep Overnight Cooling Treatment is my nightly skin ritual! It erases the stress of the day while giving me a luxurious, nourishing aromatherapy spa experience right before I hit the pillow.” What’s the best advice another woman has given you? “Take quitting off the table!” Next, Aline Lyra! Aline Next up we have Aline Lyra, a preschool teacher and Aloette ambassador based in Massachusetts. We love Aline’s energy and the positivity that she brings to Aloette! Q: How does Aloette allow you to uplift and inspire other women? “Aloette and its community have made a huge impact on how I care for myself and make it a part of my day-to-day life. Because of its positive impact, I have been able to share how Aloette fits into my busy life as a mother of three, a wife, a businesswoman and a full-time preschool teacher by allowing me to practice more self-care and feel more confident.” “In this process, I had a few women personally reach out to me and say how inspired and impressed they were to see how I continued to make time to practice self-care and care for my skin. They have shared how they are now more motivated to take care of themselves. I am able to share how easy it can be to make self-care a part of my life and how it benefits me in so many ways with other women so they can see themselves sharing the same experience as me.” Q: What Aloette product makes you feel most beautiful? “It is hard narrowing down which products make me feel beautiful because there are so many! But the Restorative Enzyme Peel Exfoliating Gel helps me feel beautiful in my own natural skin. I love the instant gratification of feeling the dead skin cells leaving my skin and how smooth and glowing my skin is afterward. Whenever I use the Enzyme Peel, I like to leave my skin without makeup and embrace my natural beauty.” Q: What’s the best advice another woman has given you? “The best advice I have received from another woman is to be bold and not be afraid to share my story. For many years I have doubted myself and my beauty, but since finding this community within Aloette I am reminded that my story is worth sharing.” Next Up: Misty Geffree! IMG 0341 Next on our International Women’s Day lineup we have Misty Geffree! Misty is a Direct to Corporate Manager at Aloette and is based out of South Dakota. We love Misty’s positive attitude and the energy that she brings to Aloette. Q: How does Aloette allow you to uplift and inspire other women? “Aloette is an amazing product but the beauty of it all is the relationships I have built! Just like this opportunity, I would have never expected something like this to happen to me, Aloette cares about everyone! I love that I can bring others to be loved by so many people and this amazing company.” Q: What Aloette product makes you feel most beautiful? “I love Renewal-A Defying Retinol Night Serum and the cosmetics. I have never been able to wear makeup until I found Aloette. The cosmetics are top quality and great for all sensitivities.” Q: What’s the best advice another woman has given you? “After every meeting, my friend always said to make the rest of the day the best of the day. I love that saying, it tells me to always thrive to improve yourself and your day!” Next Up: Ashley Lamm! Ashley Lamm Headshot Q: How does Aloette allow you to uplift and inspire other women? "Aloette allows me the opportunity to teach women about self-care. I believe that as women, we pour into the lives of others every minute of every day, many times leaving our own cups empty.  And we wonder why when we go to bed we are so exhausted, but can't fall asleep and we get up the next day and do it all over again. Through the simple act of washing your face in the morning and at night, you tell yourself, "I matter!" You are taking those 2-3 minutes just for YOU! It's small steps like this that help women start to realize just how much self-care can positively impact their everyday life." Q: What Aloette product makes you feel most beautiful? "My skincare routine makes me feel the most beautiful and confident.  It all started with Enzyme Peel.  I was a lifelong sufferer of cystic acne.  I hid my face behind pounds of makeup.  I was embarrassed and ashamed. Enzyme Peel was the first product I tried that I could actually feel my skin start to BREATHE!  I realized the makeup wasn't the fix, it was truly finding good, natural, products like ALOE that would help turn my skin around. " Q: What’s the best advice another woman has given you? "When it comes to making decisions, go with your gut. Don't listen to your heart because it will encourage you to make a decision based on emotions. Don't listen to your head because sometimes it can get lost in all the logistics. But your gut will never let you down!" To shop some of the products that were mentioned in this week’s blog, as well as other bestselling beauty and skincare, head to
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