Tips for Maintaining Healthy Skin

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In honor of May being Skincare Awareness Month, we want to go though some of our favorite ways to help maintain healthy skin as well as how to be aware of common skincare concerns. This week in the blog, we are going through the importance of having clean skin, how to check your skin from home, and some of our favorite skin perfecting products.

Washing Your Face Daily

It is super important to keep your face clean both morning and night. Similar to washing our hands or taking a shower, keeping our face clean helps prevent unwanted dirt, oil and impurities from building up on the skin. One of our favorite cleansers to use is our Essential Cleansing Oil! This cleanser is the ultimate makeup remover and nighttime cleanser as it helps hydrate and soothe skin for a refreshed-looking appearance. Formulate with sesame, avocado, olive and safflower seed oils, Essential Cleansing Oil is hydrating and conditioning and works for all skin types.

Checking Up on Yourself

We all know we are supposed to be wearing sunscreen when we are going to be spending time in the sun, but it is important to wear sunscreen daily regardless of how much time you spend outdoors. Checking yourself periodically is important to make sure that your skin has not had any significant changes. Keep an eye out for any new moles or blemishes by monitoring any moles or freckles for any changes.

Help Protect Your Skin with Skincare

While using skincare to help keep your skin looking hydrated and healthy, your skincare can also help protect you from environmental stressors such as pollution! Choosing skincare items that have multiple benefits is a great way to help yourself stay extra protected when outdoors. See some of our favorite environmental defense products below:

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