Nail Father’s Day with Skin Care Tools from Aloette!

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Whether your Dad is fielding emergency calls about your taxes or changing a tire on the side of the road, you know he’s always got the right tool for the job. If you’ve got a dad who comes through for you time and time again, Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to come through for him with some tools of your own—the tools to help him take care of his skin! Dads have skin, too, and keeping it healthy and hydrated-looking can be just as relaxing and rewarding for them as it is for the ladies in their lives. That’s why Aloette has pulled together an incredible lineup of Father’s Day deals so you can snag all the tools your dad needs to help tune up his skin care routine—drill bits and socket wrenches not included!

·         The Tool: Nutri-Hydrating Mist Daily Replenishing Face and Body Spray

Men’s jeans are definitely superior in the storage department—now Dad can make use of those huge pockets and carry hydration with him wherever he goes! Nutri-Hydrating Mist is a portable moisture refresher formulated with Aloeganic Aloe Vera and Silk Amino Acids to help revive the look of and replenish the complexion throughout the day. Gift your Dad some Mist to keep in his pocket or glove compartment so his skin doesn’t get dry while he’s out and about! 

·         The Deal: WAS: $25 USD | $29 CDN NOW: $17.50 USD | $20.30 CDN

·         The Tool: City Detox Environmental Defense Powder Cleanser

Dad can feel like he’s back in chemistry class with this powder cleanser that mixes with water to form a gentle, customizable daily exfoliator. Add just a sprinkle of water to transform this charcoal-infused powder into a sulfate-free lather that helps break down dirt and other daily impurities so Dad can start fresh with a complexion that’s visibly softer and smoother. Papain, an enzyme derived from the papaya fruit, provides gentle exfoliation.

·         The Deal: WAS: $39 USD | $46 CDN NOW: $27.30 USD | $32.20 CDN

·         The Tool: Visible Aid Moisture Restoring Cream

Your dad is too busy to deal with irritation from bug bites or sunburn! Gift him a tube of Visible Aid to help provide targeted relief for sunburn, insect bites, blemishes, or other irritation with skin-soothing Aloeganic Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

·         The Deal: WAS: $19 USD | $21 CDN NOW: $13.30 USD | $14.70 CDN 

·         The Tool: Be Smooth All-in-One Balm

Dads adore a multitasker, and this Farm-to-Jar balm brings the hydration help for his face, arms, neck and chest all in one package! Be Smooth helps combat signs of aging with conditioning essential oils and the powerful peptide Matrixyl Synthe’6. Tell him it’ll help with skin firmness and diminish the appearance of those deep-set lines, then just leave it in his medicine cabinet. We’re betting he’ll pick it up.

·         The Deal: WAS: $50 USD | $52 CDN NOW: $35 USD | $36.40 CDN

·         The Tool: Stick Shift Exfoliating Cleanser Stick

This one has a CAR NAME—need we say more? If your dad has oily or acne-prone skin, this packable stick is the all-in-one cleanser, exfoliator, and toner to help him draw out dirt, oil, and skin impurities without stripping essential moisture. A unique blend of Moroccan Lava Clay (name a manlier ingredient. We’ll wait.) and charcoal helps Stick Shift helps draw out pore-clogging impurities and reduce the appearance of appearance of enlarged pores.

·         The Deal: WAS: $34.50 USD | $40.50 CDN NOW: $24.15 USD | $28.35 CDN 

·         The Tool: Line Control Eye Gel

All those years of staying up late worrying about you may have given Dad a few under-eye wrinkles—help him reduce their appearance with this hydrating, age-defying gel. Enriched with Vitamin A and Vitamin E, Line Control helps address common skin care concerns, such as fine lines, wrinkles and a puffy undereye area. 

·         The Deal:  WAS: $20 USD | $25 CDN NOW: $14 USD | $17.50 CDN

·         The Tool: Maximum Moisture Complex

Maybe all those years of mowing the lawn and grilling under the hot sun have caught up with your dad’s skin, but you can help him hydrate like a he-man with Maximum Moisture. If your dad’s skin is drier than most, gift him the uber-hydrating power combo of Shea Butter and Aloeganic Aloe Vera in this  age-defying face cream. Add Maximum Moisture to his night time skincare routine and prepare to be jealous of your dad’s new, glowy looking skin!

·         The Deal: WAS: $29 USD | $37.50 CDN NOW: $20.30 USD | $26.25 CDN

·         The Tool: Hydra-Cleansing Emulsion Daily Face Wash for Normal to Dry Skin

Another offering for dads with dry skin, Hydra-Cleansing Emulsion is a creamy multivitamin face wash to help him avoid overly tight or dried-out skin. Incorporating this Aloe Vera-infused cleanser into dad’s morning or night skincare routine will help him gently remove dirt or other impurities from his skin and get him ready to greet the day with better, healthier-looking skin.

·         WAS: $24 USD | $28 CDN NOW: $16.80 USD | $19.60 CDN

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