Beginners Guide to Skincare: What Order Should I Apply My Products?

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Trying to find the right products for your skin can be a daunting task but what do you do once you have them? How do you know the right order to apply them in so that they work properly? It is important to take skincare one step at a time (literally.) We’re here to help you figure out where to start with a beginners guide to skincare, starting with a simple routine that you can follow in the morning or evening. 


1. Makeup Removing and Cleansing: This is a step you absolutely can’t skip. You can’t apply your other products without a clean surface to allow them to absorb. We recommend double cleansing and removing your makeup with a cleansing oil or a makeup remover. Next, you can follow with your face wash of choice. 

2. Toner: Toners are often overlooked as an unnecessary step in skincare, but they can truly kick your routine up a notch. After your face is cleansed, you should apply your toner. Think of a toner as a primer to help absorb the rest of your skincare steps. They can also additionally help to remove any impurities or excess oils that your cleansing didn’t catch. 

3. Eye Cream: Many people use eye cream as their final step but it can actually be more effective if you apply it before your moisturizers. A good rule to remember is to apply your products from thinnest to thickest texture. When you apply your eye cream or eye serum last, it has a better chance at really absorbing into your skin since a layer of heavy creams can tend to keep lighter substances from making their way through. 

4. Serums and Treatments: Serums are such an important part of your skincare process and once you find the right one for your skin it can really make a difference. Again, following the rule of texture, apply your serums and treatments before you apply your moisturizing cream. 

5. Moisturizers: Finally, the last step is to apply your moisturizer. Whether it be AM or PM, moisturizing is key! Aside from hydrating the skin, moisturizer helps to seal in all of  your products that you have already applied and allows them to be as effective as possible.

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